Google has privacy problems!

Google is still the only major search engine that refuses to give out all of their search results to the government. Yahoo, MSN, and AOL have all realeased the search results to the government without putting up to much of a fight, but now Google says that they will not give out their search results because of privacy reasons. The government wants to use the search results to help stop internet pornography. It would seem like Google wouold have to do what the government says, but I guess not. The part that I don't understand about why google won't give the search querys out because they are not required to give out specific names of people who search for theese things, so google can't get in trouble for selling private information or anything like that. It is almost like the government wiretapping the phone lines for security. part of google's defence is the right of free speech and privacy, which also contradicts the idea of them wanting to make sure that people who use google servies have their gmail privacy because gmal keeps a copy of every letter sent and recieved on the server even after a gmail user deletes it.