Send & Receive Unlimited Faxes For Free

While most mass communication is doe through email, sometimes you still have to revert to using a fax machine. While fax machines are space consuming, and typically require some type of phone service, more and more web fax services are coming up, and allowing users to use the basic service for free.

By using a combination of popular service eFax, and the lesser known fax, but highly popular SIP service, SIPGate, you can now send and receive unlimited fax messages with your very own personal fax number (for free).

Head on over to eFax and sign up for a free account. Then sign up for the totally free sipgate one package with SIPGate.

After signing up for these 2 services you should have 2 different fax numbers. One from each service. Fortunately SIPGate will let us change our outgoing caller ID number for SIP calls or for faxes. All we will worry about now is the fax part.

By now you also should have received an email from eFax with your fax number.

Take your eFax number, and use that for the outgoing caller ID. This way when you send a fax with SIPgate, the return number will show as your eFax number which has the ability to receive faxes. SIPGate's free account is only outgoing, which is why we have to have both services.

Once you are logged into your SIPGate account, go to the top right corner and click the settings button. From there you will have the option to click, "Fax" on the left hand sidebar; where you will the below screen.

While this is not the most convenient method if you are a heavy fax user. This is plenty sufficient for the occasional fax user who doesn't want to have to buy a fax machine or pay for service on it. You are notified of incoming faxes via email and or text message, and after installing the desktop eFax service, can use another plugin such as PrimoPDF to turn that fax into a PDF.