"Can I get some processed food?" How about a few pounds?

More and more companies are getting blamed for the cause of obesity. The argument is that they are causing larger people because they are selling fat foods. True, but not the whole part of the story. People have to learn what they should and should not eat. Just because something is there it does not always mean that it is good. Quite a while back McDonalds had to stop supersizing food because of this. Now, one of the current issues is 7-11's Big Gulp Another part of the argument is that people say that we should not have such easy access to all of these "bad" foods. As people we need to take part in all of this in being responsible for ourselves and not just wait for food companies to take out all the "bad" food for us. There is also the part that the food companies have to do by posting thier nutrition facts I have gone to a McDonalds and asked if they have do show their nutrition fact, and the lady working there said that they used to have a sign posted, but now they put a happy meal toy display over it because no one ever looked at the chart. Another claim which is true is that certain commercials, shows, and cartoons advertise for food in order to get kids and their families to go eat at that place. The other side of that argument which is also true is that just because something is out there it is not necessarily true.