Vista OS XP

Here are the screenshots. The ones that have the red border are from Vista's "Snipping Tool"; the tool is great, but not so much for the border which I just now before posting this found out can be turned off. I have another screenshot from Vista, but this time I just wanted to show the boot screen and have a screenshot from Vista without the border. I can only run VMware Player in Vista, but not VMware Workstation; which is why all the screenshots of OS X from Vista are in VMware Player. Yes, it is really Vista, but I have just disabled the "Aero" theme primarily because of the memory and battery usage experienced when running the theme. The other one is just from OS X. I wanted to prove that I am really running OS X with an AMD processor. As far as the watermarks go, they are so no one else can steal my pictures, but also so that they can be posted freely WITHOUT CHANGING THE PICTURE IN ANY WAY! If you really want the picture without the watermark leave a comment or email me from my profile page. Oh, and the pictures can be clicked on and enlarged.