How Smooth Is Mac OS X on a PC?

OS X is a little slow in VMware, but otherwise everything seems to be working. I am going to leave as is right now as far as installing software on it until the release of Leopard. Meanwhile I need to go through and figure out some more commands for the Apple Terminal (Command Prompt) because I am able to extract the files to my actual hard drive from VMware, but I need to do some research as far as activating my real hard drive for my virtual Mac. I know all the commands to activate the hard drive, but I need to find out how to save the settings because just quiting is not auto saving. My alternative to this is going into my Virtual Mac and just creating an IMG disk image of the structure of everything and then it will basically be like using the System Restore feature in XP because it will basically copy everything from that IMG file to my actual hard drive and then once restarts it will work exactly like my virtual Mac because the IMG file is a clone of the whole operating system, which is at the time about 3.5 GB.

Everything in OS X itself is fine and running smooth. However I did notice that the people who created the ISO to install in Windows took out Photobooth for some odd reason. I have already tried installing stuff and updating the Mac and it does work and read MAC disk (DMG's); which is why I plan on getting Leopard so I can have all the new features plus Photobooth. What is great about the whole thing is that I am able to do all of this and not even touch Vista. I am going to be using Vista for a bit while I finish everything up because the Mac reformats the whole disk drive during setup to get it into its HTFS file system. I have Vista on my first hard drive and XP on the second, so what I am doing is just installing OS X on the second hard drive and then just setting up 2 partitions (1 for Mac, and the other for XP.) Afterwards I can just use EasyBCD to read boot all 3 OS's