Video/Screensaver Wallpaper

Dave Vronay from Microsoft’s UX team created a very small program called Animated Desktop which allows Windows users to run a screensaver and use it use it as their wallpaper. The problem is that it covers up your actual desktop. The solution is to either create a toolbar by dragging your desktop folder to the taskbar (For XP this is usually found in C:\Documents and Settings\User Name and Vista users can find it in C:\Users\User Name) or to use something like Object Dock or RK Launcher. The best part about this is that it is completely free and will only use as much memory as the screensaver takes. I would recomend using RK Luancher as it is much lighter in memory and works just as well and soon to be better. If you have the tools try creating your own video screensaver with or without sound, its your choice really, just know that Animated Desktop plays everything in the screensaver including sound, oh and the screensaver settings must be changed in the Windows screensaver options. If you do choose RK Laucher there is RKLauncher 0.41 for XP and RKLauncher 0.41 for Vista that come with an installer.