Relay for Life

Well, after joining a team for Relay for Life Chino. This event had tons of people. Not only were there a lot of people but were there also many people who were from out of state. The walk lasted 24 hours; 9 AM Saturday to 9 AM Sunday. I am not sure how much was raised but I do know that at least $69,000 was raised online. From what I heard, last years event totaled in at over 1 Million (Dollars). One very suprising thing was that our team placed #24 online out of 100 something. Although, we did have one of the lower fund raising teams. We were the not so big team, and the team just a few spaces down from us seemed to have one of the best booths and nicest setups. My friends parents and family also had a very large team, but placed below the team near us. I may have my own team next year, and will for sure do it once more. I took many pictures all day and night long of almost every activity.

Some activities included:

Watermelon eating contest
Water games
Dance Contest
ACS Trivia
Joke Telling
Cross Dressing Pageant
Luminaria Lighting

The most memorable was either the luminaria lighting or the cross dressing guys walking around the track to see who could get the most money in their purse. A couple of the costumes were really weird, and as for the others they were just kind of funny. The winner won $3000! As for the luminaria, they were candles put in paper bags that were all hand decorated, an not just with a name. Many had designs cut out and a drawing, and some also had pictures of the person who's name was on the bag. It does not seem like much, but to make a few thousand of them in just hours must have been some work.