Tri-Booting (XP, Vista, OS X)

I finally figured out how I can get my PC to run OS X. I am going to try using VMWare to tri-boot. First I am downloading an ISO image of OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and then I am going to avoid activation by not connecting to the internet. If it works I will go down to the Apple Store and purchase Tiger, or I might just leave it as is, and just wait until Leopard comes out and then install OS X. Although Leopard is a x64 operating system meaning it would make more sense for me to just make OS X my primary operating system if everything works, and then I could just install boot camp and reinstall Windows XP, and Windows Vista from there; only because Boot Camp is made to install a fresh copy of Windows, and not to read the existing copy because OS X is usually not installed on after Windows, because Macs. come with OS X, and not Windows. Thankfully, my processor is an x64 processor, which allows me to run Leopard when it comes out. Right now I am running both versions of Windows (XP & Vista) in 32bit mode, which is how I know I can run both types of operating systems.

My other alternative to this is to install OS X in to the root directory of my one of my hard drives. Move my XP partition to my other hard drive that already has Vista on it, and then use EasyBCD to create my own custom and personal tri-boot screen that would list all three operating systems. All I would have to do is add a bootloader for Darwin because it works the same way as more stable and well know version: OS X! EasyBCD works in Windows XP and Vista, and is used to create custom, or change a computers bootloader. I have used it on a few different computers before and had no problems at all.

What is the risk I take? Downloading an ISO image that does not work right. Wasting time...maybe?