Windows On Mac

More and more mac users are running Windows XP on their iMac or their new MacBook Pro with Intel core processors. When the new Macs with Intel based processors were first released, Apple opened a new window of possibilities. One of those was to have a fast enough processor to run Microsoft Windows XP. Some users of the new MacIntel computers have installed Windows XP or the beta version of Windows Vista on their Mac by going through "Boot Camp". Once Windows XP is installed on to the Mac the user can determine weather they want to run Mac OS X Tiger, or Windows XP. Installing Windows XP on your Mac will take up about 10 GB of hard disk space. But it does seem like it is worth the hard disk space because you get the ability to use both Mac and Windows file formats, along with the excelent media software from Mac, and the ability to use many popular programs that are only available to Windows users. So weather it is Windows Vista, or XP; it seems like anyone would want both operating systems for maximum compatibility.